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Our Vision
Leading global supplier of innovative, sustainable and industrial shipping solutions.

Our Mission
To create value for our customers and other stakeholders by being a sustainable shipping company.

Our Values
Responsibility: We are committed to improving ourselves personally and pursuing the best balance between cost competitiveness, economic, social and environmental requirements.
Innovation: We inspire each other to drive creativity in the pursuit of new business and in search of the optimal solutions - going beyond the obvious.
Integrity: In HSR we act ethically, keeping our word and treating others both inside and outside the Company with fairness and respect.
Respect: In HSR we recognise our limitations and listen to the views of others. We seek to learn from others cultures, opinions and skills in order to create value for all stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Vision
Becoming an industry leader in creating enduring value by taking responsibility for the future through the choices we make today. This means:

Clear and consistent leadership whilst engaging our employees
Transparency and improving our economy, environment and social contribution
Developing our human potential and collaborating with those who share our vision locally and globally.

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