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We provide flexible, cost-efficient and on-time, door-door, full- and part-loads, ambient and temperature-controlled transport and supply chain solutions to producers of a wide variety of consumer and industrial goods. In close partnership with retailers and manufacturers, we develop and provide performance-enhancing logistics solutions like warehousing services and just-in-time/sequence concepts. All our solutions are supported by a European network of road, rail and container carriers and Vertex FZCO extensive network of ferry routes, drivers, and trucks.


Going forward, there is likely to be an even greater emphasis on long term relationships. For this to exist, the main factor is trust. The principals need to trust the agents to get the job done in a timely and cost-efficient manner and agents need to be able to trust that as long as they do this, they will continue to secure contracts.


For agents to maintain their status as the principal's 'eyes and ears at the ports, they will need to consistently adopt an open-minded approach and strive to improve the quality of services and control costs. Agents also need to be aware of changes and be on the lookout for new opportunities in areas in which they can add value to services in order to cater to their customers efficiently.

Transportation of all sorts has been the backbone of international trade for centuries. Today, with rapid economic growth in several nations, the volume of cargo transported has increased tremendously. Along with this growth has come change, both in the manner in which shipping lines go about their business and the way in which shipping support service providers have evolved to serve the needs of their customers.

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